19 March 2019

Sydney Showground plastic ban threatens crowd tradition

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19 Mar 2019, 2:24 pm

A deal with environmentally friendly company WISE will see re-usable cups used instead of plastic cups at Sydney Showground venues, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Fans can purchase a re-usable cup for $2 and at the end of the game can claim $1 back.

If crowd members opt to take or discard their cup, the gold coin will be donated to charity.

The initiative is an attempt to combat the five million disposable plastic cups that end up in Australian landfills each month.

The It’s In Your Hands initiative was trialled during the Sydney 7s earlier this year.

WISE CEO Craig Lovett said the fans and event reacted favourably to the introduction.

Lords cricket ground became the first major English venue to introduce re-usable cups last year.

Originally published on Yahoo7 Sport