19 March 2019

Media Release: Sydney Showground’s environmental lead is In Your Hands

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March 18, 2019

Re-usable beverage cup supplier, WISE – It’s In Your Hands, is set to transform the Australian major sports and outdoor events industry following a multi-year agreement with Sydney Showground.

The agreement will see WISE – It’s In Your Hands supply re-usable cups to all events at Sydney Showground including GWS Giants AFL fixtures, Sydney Thunder Big Bash League cricket games and the HSBC Sydney 7’s rugby union championship.

The agreement is a major environmental breakthrough which sees the removal of single use, disposable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic cups from all outlets and bars at the Showground.

Rather than single-use plastic cups being discarded into rubbish bins or littered in the seating bowls, fans will now pay a gold coin deposit and receive a re-usable cup with their first drink purchase and receive a fresh, new cup for free exchange with each beverage refill.

Craig Lovett, co-founder of WISE, said the Sydney Showground deal is an important step in the war on waste and a significant leap forward in the removal of plastics from the environment.

“Our market research and trials over the past two years have proven the Australian venue and event industry and their customers are desperately looking for an alternative to disposable single-use plastics. WISE is that solution”, said Lovett.

“Over five million disposable plastic cups are going to landfill in Australia each month. They are contaminating our land and are often ending up in waterways, rivers and beaches.

“The WISE solution empowers patrons and venue managements to actively participate in the war-on-waste and make a significant environmental change. This is why we say the solution is ‘In Your Hands”,” he added.

Mr Lovett said market research conducted in Sydney and Melbourne last year revealed respondents were overwhelmingly supportive of replacing single-use plastic cups with reusable cup at stadiums and events.

“Almost 96% of respondents wanted to see single-use cups being eliminated, and they were strongly in favour of donating their $1 returnable deposit to charity,” said Mr Lovett.

About WISE: WISE – It’s In Your Hands is a wholly-owned Australian company that supplies re-usable cups to stadia, events and festivals. Its mission is to remove single-use disposable cups from the environment and replace them with re-usable cups.

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