Best in class

We have established a team of experts from within the Waste Industry, to assist our clients divert waste from landfill and access a range of Sustainable Waste & Recycling Solutions. We focus on genuine Circular Economy solutions and have the experience, capability, and industry knowledge to deliver best in class environmental impact.

Marketing from the Waste Industry will suggest that the traditional waste businesses are focused on the environment and diversion from landfill – but this goes against their financial model. Many large Waste businesses own landfills, transfer stations and their profitability is derived from delivering Waste to these facilities.

We do not own trucks and are not incentivised to have more trucks on the road or to make unnecessary collections. Our mission is to find you cost savings, using the best solutions available. We have access to the largest Network of Waste Collections Vehicles and Infrastructure Disposal options.

We do not just take your waste to our facilities, we utilise a large Network of solutions – no matter the waste stream, no matter the location.

The model was born out of our 30+ years of experience in International Venues & Events sector, acting as the receiving end of waste creation, we decided to create disruption and improve the environmental footprint of our sector.
To date, we have avoided 3,500,000 single use cups being disposed of and combined with our specialist Waste & Recycling disruptive model, we are establishing new principles and setting new expectations, as we disrupt traditional waste management. Wise will innovate the venues & events sector, intentionally disrupting the traditional approach bringing best practice sustainability and circular economy solutions. Every step closer to zero landfill.



Happy Clients


Cups eliminated from landfill


Tonnes of cardboard repurposed


Tonnes of glass recycled


Tonnes of food repurposed to those in need

We are passionate about recycling and have engaged an independent Commodity Trading Desk – employed to ensure you get the best rebates on your valuable resources. There is no Waste stream we cannot facilitate – we can find a solution for every stream.

In this modern world, we are passionate about Digital Tools and providing easy to understand Data & Reporting that provides tech savvy platforms and a Customer Experience like no other. We use data to drive solutions, we call it Sustainable Data Intelligence and it is our mission to ensure that you are given the blueprint to continue to deliver on your desired environmental outcomes.

You have been promised “best in class” Waste Solutions. You have been given the trucks, the bins, the compactors, the shiny salesperson on an incentive program to secure your work. You have been told by the big multi-national companies that you are important, in fact all they care about is their shareholders, in their ivory towers and the political games. Why not try a small Australian business, that exists purely to provide you environmental outcomes?

We are innovating the world of waste and every customer will benefit from our extensive network of partners and solutions.