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The Wise reuse cups are a solution to our massive single use plastic cup waste problem in Australia. At stadiums and events, customers are asked to participate and pay a $2 deposit on their first Wise Cup.

That’s all they pay all day!

They return to their seat and return their drink, remembering to keep their empty cups close at hand. When they bring their empty wise cups back for a refill, they simply exchange their cups for clean ones at no charge.

There is no limit to the number of free exchanges. At the end of the event, customers have the choice to return their last cups for a cash refund of $1 each, donate the cup deposit to charity, or keep the cup as a memento.

Already proven across stadia and major sporting events throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, The WISE solution is that game changer via:

  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Elimination of waste to landfill
  • Reduced waste management
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Reduced reliance on labour
  • Increased revenue
  • Develop community support platforms without cost to venues
  • Increase identity of special events
  • Provide a ‘Brand-in-Hand’ advertising medium for product, event or activation
The possibilities are endless. The product is so environment sensible and logical that it defies the traditional naysayer’s and encourages inclusion and advancement of opportunities.


What happens to your cup once you’ve returned to bar or donated to charity?









Our game changing machine is capable of the complete sanitization of 10,000 of our cups per hour, whilst consuming only 92 litres of water in doing so. This is the WISE point of difference, none of our competitors have this capability as standard dishwashers do not sanitise or dry the cups sufficiently.

Our first state-of-the-art purpose-built wash plant was the culmination of two years research and development work.

WISE worked specifically on the design and manufacture of the WISE washing machine focussing on the needs of the industry to develop a complete closed loop process to wash, sanitize, certify and return clean cups to venues.

The WISE wash plant is HACCP certified to offer peace of mind that all cups are compliant for the beverage service industry, including periodic bacterial testing consistent with industry standards.

To manage this process involves employing local crew to operate and run the wash plant, thus creating and maintaining positions within the Australian Economy.

No secrets here! For more reading and specs on the wash process, click the the link below.

Read our wash process specs