Wise Internship Program – ‘Bright young things’

A WISE ‘Bright Young Thing’ is an individual who seeks to learn about how to lead change in an organisation and the transformation of that organisation into a smarter, more successful, and more sustainable event/venue and place of gathering.

Being passionate about environmental and sustainability projects is by far the most important factor that a ‘Bright Young Thing’ will bring to the table. Their passion is the primary driving force behind every sustainability initiative, big and small.

We work with all types of businesses, we’ve met interns coming fresh out of university, as well as backgrounds of senior levels of management and other areas of business.

Whilst a BYT does not need to come from an environmental sciences background, they will however, with the with full support, education and mentoring from our management team, will become an expert on sustainability and environmental initiatives in support of our clients events/venue’s environmental obligations.

Wise invests time and resources into Internship Programs in each of our operating locations around Australia and are always looking for new Interns to get on board to assist us with our events while gaining valuable knowledge and experience in the industry.

We provide operational, sustainable and strategic solutions not limited to:

  • Project Management – waste and sustainability
  • Provision of reusable cups – elimination of single use plastics
  • Consultation and Advice
  • Tender development and advocacy
  • Sustainability and business continuity

Once a successful intern is finished, there is exciting opportunity to join the team at Wise or our parent event management company, Incognitus. Our preference is always to promote from within.

If you are interested in working with Wise, please send your resume and cover letter to info@itsinyourhands.com.au and we will contact you as Internships become available.

Other job opportunities pop up over time, if you’re interested in
joining our team please fill out the form below.